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A Perfect Keto Diet For A Healthy Life

A Perfect Keto Diet For A Healthy Life

A Perfect Keto Diet For A Healthy Life

Having a great body boosts confidence. Spending hours in the gym is not enough to attain a perfectly toned body. Diet plays a significant role in burning the fat of the body. The great blend of low carb diet and daily workout can do wonders for you. What’s a perfect diet for quick results? The most popular low carbohydrates diet is known as the keto diet.

The ketogenic diet helps your body to produce small molecules known as “ketos”. Ketos works as an alternative energizer when blood sugar in the body is in deficit. The ketones are produced in the liver from fat. The generated molecules serve as fuel to run the body. Even your brain consumes energy produced from ketones or glucose.

How are ketones produced?

Ketones get produced in your body when you eat very few carbohydrates. The body is totally dependent upon fat and insulin is very low.

Foods to avoid for keto diet

  • Alcohol– Alcohol is known to be injurious to health. If you desire to be for life, avoid alcohol.
  • Sugar foods– Foods with high sugar such as cake, donuts, pastries, smoothies, ice cream and chocolate lead to obesity.
  • Sugar free foods– Highly processed foods can affect the production of ketones in the body. It’s good to avoid it.
  • Unhealthy fats– Mayonnaise, cooked rice, processed vegetable oils etc. are not healthy for the body.
  • Starchy foods with sugar– Wheat based products such as rice, pasta and cereal reduce the production of ketos in the body.
  • Beans or legumes– Kidney beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils, etc. are not included in the keto diet.
  • Fruit– Avoid bananas, strawberries etc. which are high in carbs and can spoil the keto diet.

What to eat?

  • Meat– Include chicken, turkey, meat, bacon, sausage, and ham in your diet.
  • Avocados – Whole avocados have the most essential vitamins that give maximum energy for the day.
  • Low carb veggies– All green vegetables such as spinach, onions, tomatoes etc. serve as the best diet for your health.
  • Eggs– Eggs have omega -3 and proteins which is a perfect health formula.
  • Nuts and seeds– Almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts and raisins are great for your health.
  • Healthy oils– Olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil is very healthy and makes you fit.

Keto plan for one week

For effective results, you can’t even miss a day. Here, you can note down a complete plan for a week-


For early morning breakfast- Eat fruits, eggs or tomatoes

Lunch & dinner

  • Chicken salad cooked with olive oil
  • Cooked salmon with butter

Tuesday / Friday

Breakfast  –Eggs, basil, fruits or cheese omelet

Lunch & dinner

  • Peanut butter, almond milk, and stevia milkshake
  • Green veggies such as broccoli and spinach and cheddar cheese or meatballs

Wednesday /Saturday

Breakfast –Healthy milkshake with nuts and seeds

Lunch & dinner

  • Beef and veggies cooked and stirred with coconut oil
  • Steak and eggs with veggies salad


Breakfast – Burger with eggs and mushrooms

Lunch & dinner

  • Hams and cheese
  • White fish cooked with spinach

Following this diet will help you in losing weight and leading a healthy life.